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■送料:着払い (神戸からの発送となります。)













■プロフィール:ケイト・ステイブルズ (ディス・イズ・ザ・キット) / Kate Stables (from This Is The Kit)

I was introduced to pinhole photography when I was living in Bristol, UK.I went to a pinhole photography workshop at the Cube Cinema and loved it immediately.The slowing down and and using your brain and hands and the doing it all yourself.The idea that you could not only make your own cameras (and not really need to buy anything) , and also the fact that the taking of the picture, and the developing of the image, require patience and time and slowing down.Thinking, calculating, choosing and deciding.I've made cameras out of different things over the years but my most successful and travel friendly pinhole cameras are made out of old iphone boxes.They're black and mat and very light proof.I make the pinhole its self out of a small piece if drinks can aluminum which I file down and then prick with a pin and then mount into the side of the box.The exposures vary from 5 seconds to an hour (or more) depending on the available light (and I usually just guess).I like things that involve an element of chance and luck and guessing.I mostly use pinhole photography to document the places I visit and the people I see. This year there has been less visiting places and seeing people so I’ve been documenting the city where I live instead.

This Is The Kit:

Kate Stables (from This Is The Kit)

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